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New! Children's Tour of Central Park

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

I'm excited to offer a new private tour of Central Park for families with kids, ages 5 to 11!

Using my training and 9-year experience as a School Tour Guide of Manhattan's largest art museum, I have programmed a tour geared specifically for families that will keep your kids and their grown-ups busy for 90-120 minutes in New York City's Central Park!

On this tour, children will:

  • go on a scavenger hunt looking for living animals and In art

  • navigate the curving park paths while looking for birds using mini binoculars

  • visit the observation decks of Belvedere Castle

  • do close-looking at the extraordinary carvings of Central Park's Bethesda Terrace

  • play a BINGO game and win small prizes

And it's fun for adults, too! Between stops, adults will hear about the history and features of this extraordinary park. This tour can be coordinated around the many other seasonal family-friendly activities in Central Park like ice skating, the zoo, the Carousel, the Marionette show, or remote-control boating at the Conservatory Waters (activities are not included in the tour). This makes a perfect outing for those out-of-town grandchildren, visiting friends, and young nieces, nephews, with their parents.

Email me for more information:

Minimum: $250, for up to a family of 4

  • Additional attendees: $50 each for children & adults

  • Maximum total attendees (adults & children combined): 14

  • The tour includes: curated walk, games, and prizes

  • Each child must have, at least, one accompanying adult

  • This tour does not enter Central Park Zoo

  • Costs of additional park activities (ice skating, carousel, marionette show, remote-control boating) is not included in this tour

  • No transportation to and from the park is provided

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