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New Central Park Webinars for Autumn!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

If I could name one positive thing that came of these Pandemic times for me, it was learning my way around Central Park and it's VAST! On my daily walks, when the weather was pleasant, I'd take a trek to a different part of the park discovering new nooks and crannies. Then I'd run home (okay, I walked briskly), and researched everything I could find about that part of the park. So it was natural that I'd want to put this new knowledge into a multi-part webinar for others. I broke it down into three sessions, but I could have easily done six, eight, even ten sessions on this amazing green space.

Here are some fun facts. For more, you'll have to sign up for one of the two webinar offerings this September— ;-)

  • Belvedere Castle is the official weather station for all of New York City and celebrated it's 100th anniversary in January 2020. Although there hasn't been an office maintained there for decades, an Automated Surface/Weather Observing System still remains on the site.

  • The Arsenal Building pre-dates the park and was once a storehouse for arms and ammunition for the New York State Militia.

  • The original plans for Central Park did not include a zoo. The Zoo's evolution was rather serendipitous and started with an abandoned bear.

  • The Conservatory Garden's gate was originally the gate to the Cornelius Vanderbilt II's mansion (where Bergdorf Goodman's stands today.)

Check out the events listings for upcoming Central Park tours.

The Vanderbilt Gate at Central Park's Conservatory Garden

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